Farewell Ace Roleplay v1

Dear players,

We've initially launched our Ace Roleplay v1 over one month ago, and today it feels like its the right time for us to make an end for it.

We never imagined that a lot of people would come to enjoy and and we are extremely thankful to all the people who have supported us, and took part in building the platform, making Ace Roleplay such a fun experience for so many.

To the players, we hope you have all had a blast playing the game, made great friendships and can look back on a bunch of fond memories of your time on Ace Roleplay.

Once again, thank you for playing Ace Roleplay v1 and supporting us .We will back on the new version later with bunch of planned improvement to make the game much attractive, more modern functionalities within in-game and a better community, Stay safe and be happy.

We've saved a list of people who opted-in for single-game change. If you're one of them, no worries! We've already drafted some in-game perks for you in Ace Roleplay v2!

Join our Discord server so you don't miss our future updates on Ace Roleplay v2!

- Ace Roleplay Management